Trek to The Himalayas (Gangotri-Bhojwasa-Gaumukh-Tapovan)

It all started with Vicchi’s initiation about Trekking to Himalays during the month of April 2011, I was wondering will this be achievable that too getting so many days off from work! we decided about who are the ones who can really make it to Himalays? And vicchi suggested my name, ravi and soma and himself. So we were just discussing on all pros and cons. This went on for sometime, later one fine day vicchi initiated a mail to all concerned about the Trek by copying some blog links for Himalays (Gaumukh). We all showed interest and invitation to the Trek was extended to Vinod and Eesha (cousins). Within few days vicchi rolled out dates and a rough plan for the tour, so that we all could start applying for our Holidays. This plan was extending close to 15 days, which looked too much and most of us started backing out saying it would become difficult for us to get our annual leaves sanctioned for such a long duration and Soma especially having small baby at home was not very much happy to come leaving Wife and kids for such a long time. Finally Eesha and Vinod gave their firm decision of not coming as they could not negotiate for leaves with their managers.

Later Vicchi could manage to shorten the no of days to 10 which would be in the 1st week of October making sure that out of that, two weekends should come and some of us have our office closed for Vijaya Dashami.

It was decided that we do trekking only for three days and rest of the days will be shared by traveling and roaming around Haridwar andDelhi. Soma and Vicchi extended the invitation to Ranju and Bhava who were very much excited about the Trek and Vidya also joined. I thought Pallavi can also make it when Ranju and Bhava are coming as all are first timers. To my surprise Pallavi was very much happy to be a part of this Trek. By this time we had decided to book flight tickets and Vicchi started enquiring on how best we can make use of GMVN which is a Govt run organization who take care of such events. Information from GMVN was gathered and it was decided that we will make use their services in Haridwar onwards. Stay at haridwar, Uttarkashi, Gangotri and Bhojwas was done through GMVN and TT to take us from Haridwar to Gangotri was also done.

In the meantime Ravi dropped out of the tour as he had to travel immediately to Dubai on some project. Later our cousin Shankara and  chikkappa(our uncle) showed interest in this and said would be joining with us. By that time vicchi had booked flight tickets for all of us.

Vicchi initiated mails on how to prepare for the Himalaya trek. This was supported with few blogs. So we decided to start preparing for the Trek. We started taking morning walk in Lalbagh. Myself and Ranju did it more religiously compared to others who came for walk only on some weekends. Vicchi had tough time negotiating with Vidya in waking her up on Sundays to go for early morning walk. Bhava, Pallavi did came on almost all the weekends.

Next step was to decide on trekking gears to be purchased and to do that we prepared a check list, which helped us to drill down final few items like Trek Shoe and Warm clothing to purchase. We were counting days, and looking forward for the Trip.

September 30th 2011

Finally the day has come. TT was booked for all 9 people to go to Airport. Flight was scheduled to depart at 6.15 am and we were there in the airport 1 hr prior to departure. Chikkappa’s flight was Spicejet which was 15 min prior to Indigo in which we were set to go. Ranju and Pallavi were first timers to go in flight so there were all reasons for them to get excited. The moment we got into the flight vicchi opened Ambode packet, we enjoyed eating it (though I was against eating oily food in the morning). It was a good journey, it was close to 9.00 am when we reached Delhi Airport. Immediately after we got down from the flight, we could make out the beating heat of Delhi. Temperature was close to 30°.

Chikkappa was waiting for us at the Baggage claim area, luckily we could collect all the bags on time without any delay. There we got an AC bus immediately after we came out of Airport. Including back bags all the 14 luggage were kept inside the Bus safely. We reached the Railway Station through Delhi Metro, which is one of the best modes of transportation that I have seen in India. Vicchi guided us to go to Railway station and keep all major big bags inside the cloak room. Because of which we could go around and spend some time in Delhi with carrying any baggage.

We were searching for a good hotel and again vicchi suggested us to go to Sharavanbhavan (South Indian) madras Hotel. This was a very good option. Food was good, a mini meal was really sufficient for us. As our train to Haridwar was at 3.30pm we had ample amount of time to spend. Jantar Mantar which I had seen in Jaipur earlier was slightly different here in Delhi. It was a good visit and not too expensive.

Came back to Railway station, collected the luggage, now we realized that our kit bags are heavy and found difficult to move around with them. We had to go to platform 2 where train to Haridwar was scheduled to come. Journey was nice; we met two foreigners from UK and Japan. We did not feel bored as we were continuously talking to those guys.

Reached Haridwar at around 7.30 pm took rickshaw from Railway station to GMVN guest house. The rooms were placed in an unusual manner and we were got rooms in 2nd floor. There were three rooms booked for us, three people in each room. Although the rooms were not tidy it was not too bad. Chikkappa wanted to go out and have some Jamoon at a known place. We were really tired of traveling and by the time we all took bath it was almost 8.30 pm because of which we had drop out the plan. From here onwards we were forced to eat only Roti and Daal. Had a pretty good dinner that night in the Hotel and slept nicely.

October 1st 2011

Next day morning got up early and we were excited to take a dip in the Holy River Ganges at Haridwar. River was too cold flowing very fast. It would have been impossible for us to take bath in the river if there were no chains and iron rod barriers that were erected in the river near the banks. First all got into the water except girls who had already decided that they will not get into river. But they were tempted by the way we were enjoying the holy bath and also got into the water. This was one of the best experiences we had in this tour.

After having breakfast we got into the TT and moved towards Uttarkashi.

This journey was memorable one. As and when we crossed Haridwar city, it was a treat to our eyes. Looking at the Mother Nature’s beauty we did not feel bored at any point of time during this journey. I have to convey special thanks to Shankara for taking initiative in feeding us with Hurugalu, ambode and other eatables. If remember, it was the chocolate which soma had got from US we started with. Everywhere it is water stream flowing with force and it looked as white as milk. It was as if we are just following the path of the river. In the route we came across lot of Bridges which were constructed in olden days some of them for motors and other for only villagers to cross the river.

Those animals in the valley looked so different from what we see in other places. Monkeys with black face and white color fur, I could mange to get some photos. At some places we asked Mukhesh who was our driver (very cooperative) to stop the vehicle and we use to walk in the highway for some distance so that we could enjoy the nature slowly. There were many pit stops wherever we saw a small falls or a stream. The hairpin curves in the route made some of us feel discomfort with the travel. We could lot of landslides happening there, for which they had put fencing so that it does not affect the commutation. We were looking for some good hotel on the way and we got one. This was very much on main road not a very good place to eat but had very few options and this one supposed be one of the good ones. Roti and dal was good. On the way to Uttakashi, there we saw many streams and waterfalls and bridges.

It was late in the evening when we reached Uttarkashi. We were all tired so much and wanted to have good food. The GMVN Hotel had both Veg and Non veg food. So we thought of trying out a different hotel nearby. But we could hardly find one. We had no other option but to eat at the same Hotel. Again it was the same ROTI andDAL. This accommodation was one of the GNVN’s best.

2nd October 2011

Next day early morning started from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Had gojju avalakki and uppittu for break fast and ordered for Tea from the Hotel which was good. It was wonderful to see outside the window as Gangawas flowing right next to the road, and it was very much tempting for us to stop to spend some time in the water. As we were looking for the right spot finally stopped at a place and we all ran towards the river stream. The water was chilling cold here. We never even imagined that it would be so cold. I was very much tempted to get into the water and finally I made my mind to get in. This experience can not be explained in writing. It was one of the best in the tour. Though I was finding it difficult to breath, I could take few dips inside the water. The force it was flowing was tremendous with freezing cold.

Around 40 km from Uttarkashi we came across a place called Gangnani, where you can see natural Hot water springs. Here we spent lot of time enjoying Hot water in that cold weather. It has two pools separated for Gents and ladies. There was a priest sitting near the pool with pooja items. He called us for the pooja, but we knew that his intention was to get money from us. Me, Chikkappa, Soma, Shankara, Vicchi and Bhava did chant Purushasukta. Priest also joined us, chanting with unbearably wrong pronunciation. After the bath we gave him some tips and went to hotel nearby the pool. surprisingly there was idli sambar available in the menu. Although taste was not very good we still had enough to fill our stomach. There were some major places that we came across – Bhairav ghati, Tehri dam which is an army base; it is a high level security area hence we were not allowed to take photographs. Another major village on the way was Harsil, this is also a very good trekking place. After reaching Gangotri we got to know that some people have trekked from Harsil.

Till this time, we had not experienced severe cold, it was around 4.30 pm we reached Gangotri, we could feel the temperature dipping down as low as 12 deg. GMVN guest house here was one of the best. We had got 3 rooms which were so spacious and all the rooms had two double cots with thick bed and blanket. Floor was covered with carpet. With all this we were feeling as we if we are freezing. There were many different trekking groups who had come from different parts of the country. Even there were some foreigners who had come for trekking.

Gangotri is a very beautiful place to stay during this season. It’s believed to be the origination of river Ganges. Its one of the char dhams, the village is very small. Gangama’s temple is very famous here and people worship Gangama every day with Gangaaarathi. Route to Ganga temple is a very small market road with full of shops. You get all necessary items here from camera battery to medicine. There are some hotels too in this small market. Ganga temple was full of deities and we could not get see inside of the temple. Near GMVN guest house there is a wonderful falls which is very dangerous. This falls is what known as Gangotri. We spent some time here taking photographs. We had nice dosa in one of the Hotels on the Market road. Many trekkers stay at Gangotri for one or two complete days so that they can get acclimatized to extreme weather conditions. But we had not planned to stay here, so had to leave next morning to Bhojwasa.

3rd October 2011

Now the trek starts, we were geared up with all necessary item in our back packs and food luggage was give to our guide Lalith. We got this guy that morning which was fixed previous day only. All the food stuff was loaded into Soma’s bag which was the biggest. This day we had to trek for 14 km to reach Bhojwasa where we can halt for a night and then proceed towards Gaumukh and Tapovan.

It was so cold that we were wearing outer thermals and on top of it a jacket was very much needed. A hand glove with monkey caps was a must. At the start we had to come across a Forest Office where we need to pay trekking fee Rs.200 per head (if am right). We had some 4500 Rupees in had all put together and thought that this would be sufficient enough to manage till we reach Uttarkashi. The route till Forest Office close to 1 km was not that tough and moreover we were all excited about the trek, so we dint take much time to reach Forest Office. Vishwa and Soma went to check out the Formalities which took more than half an hour. Here we could see lot of people with their Horse walking down to us and were asking us whether we need it! Chikkappa felt it is better to avail this facility. So he sat on the Horse which will take him to Bhojwasa only one way journey for Rs.2500 felt it was too much.

Others started trekking after finishing the formalities at forest office. It was too cold at that time and it was roughly 8.00 am in the morning. But sun was right on top and we could even feel that as and when we started moving we were sweating. It was so beautiful that down towards right side river Gangais flowing slowly and the other side huge mountains and Ice glaciers. We could see Shivling parvath from here covered with full of Ice. Bhagirathi 1 2 & 3 was also started looking very clear after sometime. This a row of three mountains also covered with snow. When sun light falls on this Glacier this looks like gold. We were so tired initially as we were not that used to high altitudes. We could clearly make out that there less amount oxygen. Though we had taken two oxygen cylinders we felt not use them so early and kept for extreme conditions. By now we had no idea about chikkappa as he had gone on the Horse. Vishwa had taken Coca medicine from our Homeo doctor which I guess helped a lot in withstanding at low oxygen zones. Each of us also had Camphor which again is very useful during less oxygen conditions. Our Porter Lalith was very helpful and friendly. He was carrying the main baggage which had all food stuff and was the heaviest. At times he also carried other bag. Vishwa had sent his big bag with Chikkappa to carry on the Horse. Others had carry their own bags. There are pit stops at couple places as a shelter where trekkers can rest for a while and then proceed further. Before reaching Bhojwasa there is a place exactly at 7Km from Gangothri called Chirbasa. Here there is a small shed where the villagers supply Tea. But we were not fortunate enough to get one though. Here we waited for everyone to come and rest for a while and had lunch.

In the stretch from Chirbasa to Bhojwasa which is another 7 Km was one of the difficult stretch as by that time we were tired a lot, on top of that it was getting very cold, clouds were covering the mountains. We could find bunch of Deer herd at some places. There skin color is a disguise with the background mountain grass color. They were grayish brown in color with long curved horns.

It was getting very dark and we had hardly any energy in us.  Out of the entire group some of them were leading in front and I, pallavi, vishwa, soma and Bhava were left behind. I guess it was around 6.00 pm and there was no light we were finding it very difficult to find our way to Bhojwasa. We dint had any torch also. After some time we could see our porter lalit coming with a torch in his hand and guided us to the Camping area in Bhojwasa.

Bhojwasa is a flat land with all white stones on the ground. It’s the base of most large mountains that were covered with snow and Ice Glaciers. There were several Tents that was laid, some of them belonged to GMVN and others were private. Many trekkers also came with their own camping gear and had camped at Bhojwasa. Heard some Trekkers do stay at Bhojwasa for a day or two to get acclimatized before proceeding towards Gaumukh and Tapovan. It was pitch dark and we saw few glittering here and there. Chikkappa and other who had reached Bhojwasa much before us were looking like waiting for us to have dinner. I don’t have words to say how cold it was in Bhojwasa that night. It was unimaginable. Everyone was wearing proper warm clothing with Hand gloves, sweaters, Jerkins Skull caps and Ear protectors. Canteens hear is very small compared to any other GMVN setup. But this was still a good one for that particular place. We can not expect anything better than this here. Again the same roti was served here. Even the price is almost double when compared to other places. It took some time for us to settle down at this place as unlike other places here we had only one single tent and there were 8 cots with thick soft beds. We had hardly any energy left in us, so the option available was to sleep. Most of us slept immediately after the dinner. Some of us were also suffering from high altitude sickness. We could clearly make it out as some of us had severe headache and uneasiness. Myself and Bhava had trouble in sleeping that night, we were having too much of gastric problem. We thought of going out in open air. Outside it was unbearable cold. We just went near the canteen area and met a person from Karanataka who could speak Kannada. He had been trekking from past one month and I understand from him that he is on training. They were a team of 20 or so, who have done lot many similar treks. He gave us some suggestions and shared some of his experience. Here we also met a team of 6 people from Karnataka and most of them were software engineers. One of them the eldest of the lot was a sales man in Abacus. We became friends soon as Ranjani and chikkappa were wearing Abacus Caps. We have to really thank this team as they helped us a lot in different occasions. When our team reached Bhojwasa, they offered us lot of dry fruits and food stuff. Most importantly when we left Gangotri we were left with only a few hundreds as none us realized that we would not get any ATM after Uttarkashi. So we borrowed some money from them telling that we would return it once we reach Bangalore. These people told us that they had done several such treks earlier and they were talking about level of difficulty when reaching Thapovan.

4th October 2011

The next day morning we were supposed to go to Gaumukh and Tapovan as per the plan. But as most of us were totally tired and dint had energy to trek another 20 Km this day, only me and Soma decided to go till Tapovan. We were thinking on how we can divide the team as till now we were all together. Finally it was decided that Lalith will take us to Tapovan and Vicchi will take care of rest of the group and take them to Gaumuck and come back safely. As this was the plan Me and Soma with Lalith packed some Gojju Avalakki for the afternoon lunch at Tapovan and left Bhojwasa early morning at7.00am.

Initial 10 to 15 minutes trek became a nightmare here. Difficulty level was more than what we expected. Soma and Lalith seemed to be in very good form and soma was forcing me to keep up with their pace or else he was asking me to go back. I was finding it very difficult to take each and every step. Somehow after trekking for half an hour I could join with Soma and Lalith. We stopped at a few places, but dint spent too much time resting and reached Gaumukh within 2 hours. We could not see any trace of human here. It was an open landscape where Gangamaa is believed to take her birth. The place Gaumukh got its name as the water get melted down from the Glacier which is in the shape of face of a cow. We could see Ice plates floating in the river. Many years back this Gaumukh had a prominent face and now due to lot of melting the originating point has gone few meters back wards.

At Gaumukh lalith showed us the way to Thapovan which was so scary just to see. The elevation was too high and Oxygen level in the atmosphere was very low. We started from Gaumukh somewhere around 9 am. The route is to go on top of Gaumukh and climb the mountain which is behind Gaumukh. Till here we were Trekking on proper pathway or on huge stones, but now on we had to literally climb huge slippery mountains. There two such mountains we had to negotiate with out any excuse. Funniest part is that is the easiest route. Thanks to Lalith for giving me his hand for climbing up the mountain. If would not have been there I am sure it would have become a nightmare for us. We took many breaks till we reached Thapovan which was much needed. I had been taking photographs throughout the Trek, but here my camera seemed to be a heavy luggage on me. I transferred the only item that I was carrying to Lalith. Taking sent of Camphor gave us lot of relief in managing breathing levels.

Finally we made it to Thapovan and there was no end to our joy when we got to know that we are at Thapovan. It was a worth Trek, putting lot of effort and we realized that we would have missed something great if we had missed this. We were very proud that out of the entire team only myself and Some could accomplish the full task. After reaching Thapovan, first we come across Bengali Maa’s house. Maathaji stays alone here for six months. She gets all necessary provisions for those six months from people like porters who keep shuttling from Gangotri to Thapovan. She stays her for six moths from November to March (Trekking season) which is the time Trekkers are allowed to Trek and rest of the year she visits her native and meet relatives. At Thapovan we could see a couple of group of people who had installed their Tents. There was also a couple who had come from Germany to Trek here. Bengali maa offered us Tea and also told she will prepare some Roti’s to eat. I was out and hardly had any energy to even open my eyes. It was chilling cold and I went inside a shelter made of stones and slept nicely for sometime. Meantime soma was preparing Gojju Avalakki. There were lot birds with Yellow colored beak something like crow at this place. When I got up and came out, I suddenly when away and started vomiting, not sure may be because of AMC(acute mountain sickness). I also had severe head ache which was adding to my sickness. These are all the symptoms of AMC which we should be careful about. I found it very difficult to eat Gojju avalakki because of the irritation I had.

After sometime we took few Photographs at this place and we were actually at the base of a huge mountain which is called Bhagirathi. The 3 peaks of Bhagirathi were amazing to see and there are no words to explain this beauty. A few meters ahead of Bengali Maa’s house there is Mouni Baba Ashram. Mouni Baba is a Barahmasi which means he stays at this place for 12 moths the entire year. We were told by Bengali Maa that Mouni Baba is always silent and never talks to anyone. At present he was inside the small shelter and was in deep meditation. But we saw him when he came out just when we reached Thapovan.

Time was around 1.45 pm and we thought it would become late for us if we stay here for some more time. We had to immediately start from Thapovan. While coming back we didn’t find it as difficult as earlier. While climbing down we could see some small stream of water flowing down from the glaciers of mountain which later flows down and come out of Gaumukh. Soma collected a bottle full of this pure holy water which our father had asked us to get from Himalayas for doing Abhisheka. We reached Gaumukh and rested here again for a while, but we were running out of time. Still 5 km has to be covered and we had taken two hours to come down to Gaumukh from Thapovan. This time Soma was finding himself little tired and was suffering with lack of Oxygen. He was forced to take repeated breaks after we started from Gaumukh. It was getting much darker and we had to cover almost a kilometer to reach Bhojwasa.

By the time we reached Bhijwasa our rest of the team members had finished their Trek to Gaumukh and were eagerly waiting for us. Actually they little tensed as we had not come even after it had become dark. Everyone had come out of the Tent and they were looking forward to see us. We reached Gaumukh at around 7 pm and our entire team members were happy to receive us and they could see us totally tired, had lost all the energy. That night I don’t remember at when I slept, I am sure me soma didn’t even eat anything that night. After reaching Bhojwasa we got to know that Chikkappa and Bhava had not gone to Gaumukh with the team as they felt it very difficult, so they stayed back at the camping area in Bhojwasa. Others in the able leadership of vicchi did make it to Gaumukh and they had lot of fun getting neat the water stream and played with Ice glaciers. They had reached back to Bhojwasa somewhere by 3.15 pm. That night Shankara prepared a nice lemon Tea for me with help of camphor stove which we had taken. He also prepared Gojju Avalakki which was the only option for us to eat.

5th October 2011

Next day morning we got know one more news that the Abacus team had not gone to even Gaumukh and the senior person of the team told us that there mind was upset the previous night due to rodents attack inside the Tent. Not sure why they gave that reason for not making up their mind to Trek further.

We started Trekking back to Gangothri from Bhojwasa that morning. We were not in a position to even touch water in that cold weather, so we just moved without even brushing teeth. We started from Bhojwasa around 7.30 am, and this time Bhava was in very good condition and he started first with chikkappa. Others followed them with me and pallavi being the last. I was not keeping goof that morning, I was feeling a little feverish so I hardly had any energy to put big steps. Thanks for Pallavi and Soma who were there with me all the time. We stopped at a place where there was a small stream of water was flowing on our way. Here we washed our face and completed all morning basic works. As we had stopped here we even finished our breakfast. We had ready to eat uppittu and little bit of Gojju Avalakki. This again shankara prepared in camphor stove by boiling the water.

Bhava was in good jhosh and he didn’t want to wait for long here, so he just kept moving. Soma wanted to accompany him and even he left that place. Vicchi, Vidya and other followed them leaving behind myself, Shankar and pallavi. I started feeling little better after sometime and even we started from there. Here on the way we met those Germans and spent good time with them while trekking. It was a pretty easy terrain to while trekking back to Gangotri. We could reach forest office near Gangotri within 4.5 hours. Another episode happened here. Vicchi and Vidya were the first to reach Forest office and Chikkappa, myself, pallavi, Ranjani and Shankara along with Lalith reached there in almost the same time. We were waiting here for Soma and Bhava who had left the last break point earlier to all of us. We waiting for almost 45 minutes, later we felt that something would be wrong else it would not take so much time for them to reach this place. In the meantime Vicchi called the TT driver to confirm whether he is there ready for pick up once we reach Gangotri. We asked Lalith to go back and look for Soma and Bhava. After waiting for almost an hour Lalith came back as Soma and Bhava were following him. We were very much happy to see them. Soma explained us how they lost the track. It seems they had taken a small path way which was going down towards the stream and they lost the way to come back. By the time they realized it they gone way ahead. Finally we came back from the Trek safe and sound.

This being my one of the Favorite and the best treks till date, we enjoyed to the core. TT was waiting to take us back to Uttarkashi. We ate food at one of the hotels in Market street at Gangothri, by this time Vicchi went to GMVN guest house and took all the luggage and loaded in to the vehicle. We left Gangotri at around 3.30 pm and reached Uttarkashi by 7.00 pm.

We were very much hungry when we reached Uttarkashi, and we didn’t had even 500 Rs putting money from everyone’s pocket. To our bad luck there was only two ATM and one was closed other was not working. That night we managed with whatever little left over uppittu and Gojjavalakki. That night I had slept nicely without any disturbance, I could see huge mountains covered with snow. The river Ganges flowing nearby and I could hear the sound of water flowing with great force. This Trek was an amazing experience for me.

6th October 2011

Next morning we got up little late as we were not in a hurry. We didn’t had break fast. We vacated GMVN guest house. There was a plan to visit Chinmayanand Ashram in Uttarkashi. This place was very nice, very calm and cool place. We went inside the meditation hall and did meditate for a while. Chikkappa and Bhava were looking at some books which were there for display and bought a few. The Journey from Uttharkashi to Rishikesh was just 3 hours, we had reached Rishikesh by around3.00pm. We stayed at Rishikesh that night.

7th October 2011

We had planned to go for River rafting in Rishikesh and checked with the GMVN guest house people about the offer and prices. We found the pricing pretty descent; it was a total of 16km for Rs.400 per head. We hired a Jeep to take us to the spot where River rafting starts. There were lot of rowing boats and trainers to take people for rafting. We all could make it in one big boat. We were given life jackets to wear so that if we fall in to the water we should float. Nissan the professional Rafting trainer gave us a briefing about different signal, do’s and don’ts.  Chikkappa sat front holding just the rope, myself and Soma on either side to drive with full energy and other followed us each side with Vicchi giving support from the back. The signal like forward and backward swings were not clear as there was huge roar of water all over. The boat had almost toppled twice, but got escaped. This experience was awesome and we all enjoyed to the core. There were some three to four whirlpools, after that it was flat. Here Nissan told us anyone willing to dive and swim they can. It was around minimum 20 ft  deep and as there was life Jacket even amateur swimmer like me could swim there. Nissan took us to a spot where there was a cliff. Here people were diving from the cliff into the water from 20 ft. This was just amazing, first soma went to dive as he was very much excited and then we all followed him. Funny part was Bhava and Pallavi were so scared they were literally pushed by people there. Soma, Vicchi and Myself did it twice. There was a small cliff from which even Chikkappa gave try. I am sure we will never forget this wonderful experience. Good that we had taken our Camera and Handy cam. Nissan and Soma captured those wonderful moments.

Myself, Vicchi, Chikkappa and Soma took proper holy bath in the Ganges and others went to change their dress. We went back to Hotel in the afternoon and had planned to reach Haridwar by evening . Later we took a share Auto kind of vehicle and left Rishikesh to reach Haridwar. It was just an hour journey, There was no room available in GMVN guest house that evening so we had just kept our luggage at one corner and went out to see Ganga Arti. At Haridwar we did some shopping for a while and wanted to go to ManasaDevi Temple, but there was a big queue for that. We then decided no to go there. We spent sometime roaming here and there and did some more shopping. In the evening we went to see Ganga Arti and Raam leela was happening there, as it was Vijaya Dhashami that day. I enjoyed a lot seeing Ramleela for the first time and it was a treat to my eyes. We had to catch the late night Train to go toDelhi.

8th October 2011

We were back to Delhi next day morning and we had decided to stay at Shankar Mutt. Vicchi spoke to the Traveler which was a contact of our cousin Naga. TT was waiting for us at the Railway station and we reached the Shankar mutt early in the morning. We took bath and got fresh then left Shankar Mutt for Sight seeing. Break fast at woodlands was very nice.  We very much happy to eat proper South Indian thindis like Dosas and Idlis.

Delhi Sight seeing was not that great, It was very hot outside, Qutub Minar  was the first place we went, later went Akshar Dham, there was lot of Security to go inside and no water bottles allowed even in such hot conditions. There was nothing great to see there. Later we had lunch; again it was a proper south Indian meal at Saravanabhavan. In the afternoon we saw Birla Mandir and spent most of the time shopping at Karol Bhag.

That Night we came back to Shankar Mutt, most of dint eat anything and slept off.

9th October 2011

Next day our morning flight was at7.00 amand we were back inBangaloreby10.45am.


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